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Cementiri municipal
Carrer Sant Marc

El panteó Busquets va ser construït per Eduard Ferrés i PuigThe cemetery of Canet is the result of an 1830´s law that forced burials to the outskirts of towns. The location was the Tinoia´s field, up a small hill. Inside we can see some pieces made by prestigious artists. The pantheon from the Busquets family, built between1906 and 1909 can´t be ignored, and the Font family pantheon with a very soft art nouveau. Lluís Domènech i Montaner built three pantheons: Família Font Montaner, Família Montaner Malató and Família Domèmech i Montaner. The most significant monument is possibly the Angel of Judgment, work from the sculptor Pagès Serratosa, in the pantheon of the Pau Font family.

Ajuntament: Ample, 11 - 08360 Canet de Mar
Tel. 937 943 940 - Fax 937 941 231