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Castell de Santa Florentina
Riera del Pinar s/n

El Castell de Santa Florentina va ser reconstruït per Lluís Domènech i MontanerThe current look of the castle is fruit of numerous modifications. Its origins possibly go back to the roman era, when it was a land produce centre. The second period was in the eleventh century. The building turned into a fortified house to resist the incursions and razzias of the time. Centuries later, in the sixteenth, the strong house was enlarged again with more defence elements. The main reform though started in the end of the nineteenth century when Ramon Montaner wanted to adapt the building to the fashion at that time. To take this project to effect, there was the collaboration of Lluís Domènech i Montaner who was a member of the family. The architect gave a medieval air to the castle, thanks to the introduction of pieces from the Tallat monastery.