Ajuntament de Canet de MarAJUNTAMENT DE CANET DE MAR

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Riera Gavarra s/n

Vil·la Flora pertanyia a la família dels Busquets, uns rics {c}americanos{c}It is a good example of the houses built by the americanos. Ramiro Busquets, land owner and a manufacturer, asked Eduard Ferrés i Puig the building of a house for summer. Works finished in 1925 and it has the style of the big buildings if the country art nouveau for its elegance and great taste for details. This can be appreciated in the forged iron of the balcony railings and the graffitos of the interior. The Busquets family built a house servants house, a warehouse and a stable in the surrounding gardens. Now the mansion houses town dependencies and offices for the use of the people of Canet.